Show off your Taktik iPhone 5s Case on the Beach Party


As most people know, taking your phone to the beach can be a dangerous task. The sand and water all provide the chance of damaging the phone and making it unusable. However, with the taktik case, you won’t have to hide your phone in your purse or pocket and avoid taking it out. The Taktik case for iPhone 5s is a combination of both of these elements. It’s strong enough to provide more than adequate protection while also being a great accessory to make your phone stand out.

taktik iphone 5s coverThis case provides an amazing amount of protection to users. It’s waterproof, meaning that you don’t have to worry about getting some water splashed on the case. The case also has covers for the buttons in order to provide maximum protection. Many of the iphone cases which advertise as being waterproof don’t actually provide much protection. However, with this unique case, you don’t have to worry about the occasional splash from the water.

Another area of concern is sand. It’s really not a beach party without sand and surf, but both of those elements can damage your phone. Sand has the tendency to get into the buttons of the phone, scratch the surface of your case, and make it impossible or extremely difficult to use the phone. If you’ve ever gotten sand into your phone then you know that this is true. Also, once you’ve gotten sand into the phone, then you will have an extremely hard time getting it out. This phone case has you covered there as well. It covers the entire phone and makes sure that your biggest worry on the beach has nothing to do with keeping your iphone safe. Make sure to only use the best with your phone, and choose a case that’s going to hold up.

Now, you may be thinking that this phone is going to look like one of those army-protected phones that’s unappealing and bulky, but this is also an area where you can have some fun. Taktik cases come in a variety of colors from your basic black to a fun pink and lots of other options available. The overall design of the case is sleek and modern without being too bulky. It matches well with the iphone 5′s slim design and you won’t feel like you’re carrying around a heavy case just to get a little extra protection for your phone.

When you’re shopping for a new cover for your iphone 5s, then you’re probably looking for two main things. A case that’s durable and one that fits your style. Usually, you have to choose one or the other, but what if that wasn’t the case? So, if you’re getting ready to head to a beach party, be sure to take your iphone 5s along with you, just as long as you have the powerful case. It’s small enough to fit into your purse or pocket and strong enough to handle anything you might come into contact with at the beach. Go to, choose a tough protective case for your iphone 5s. Your best cellphone can travel with you in style when you have the cases protecting it.

Top Apps for Party lovers


Everyone loves going to a great party, but if you’re in charge of planning and organizing it, you may not enjoying it as much. There are many things to keep track of including the menu, guest list, drinks, music, and party games. No matter how simple you try to have the party, things can get out of hand, but that’s where your handy iOS device can come in handy. Sure, the calendar and notes is a great way to start, but these apps can help you throw a party and make sure your guests are entertained.

Party Planning Apps

  • ┬áPro Party Planner- This all-inclusive planner lets you plan a guest list, make a menu, plan activities, and does almost everything. It even keeps track of whose coming and who isn’t.
  • WeddingHappy- This is a great one if you’re planning someone’s wedding or shower and need some help with organization. It’s prompts will help keep you on schedule.
  • Karaoke Anywhere- Once the drinks begin flowing, karaoke is a great way to get your party flowing. Buying or even renting a karaoke machine isn’t really practical, but you can download this simple app which will give you free access to a huge library of songs.
  • djay- Just like the karaoke app, nothing sets a party in motion like having a great music mix. You can crossfade, scratch, mix, and add any effects that you want to bring up the beat.
  • Mixologist- This handy app is like having a little bartender right inside your pocket, except you don’t have to tip! The searchable cocktail recipe mix lets you access the recipes to a huge variety of drinks that you’ve never had before.
  • Phoster- As any planner knows, your party is only going to be as popular as it appears. This app lets you make and post digital posters in order to advertise your poster and get people interested. Choose from 87 free templates and then customize with your own photos and designs.
  • Kara’s Party Ideas- This is a great app for family and kid’s party planning. It has a huge library of ideas to dress up a party, helping you to find quick, convenient, and economic options when you’re not able to come up with them on your own.
  • Reverse Charades- This app is a great twist on the traditional party game with several options. You can play this game with 2-4 teams of any size and it’s a huge crowd pleaser.

Whether you’re trying to plan a party, get people excited about it, or make the evening a great time, you can use these great party-themed apps to get you there!